Mulch for Homeowners in Janesville, WI

At Wisconsin Mulch Co., we offer a wide variety of natural mulch options to help homeowners create beautiful and sustainable outdoor spaces in Janesville, WI. Using natural mulch in your garden and landscaping projects has numerous benefits, from improving soil health to enhancing the visual appeal of your outdoor space.

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Organic Mulch for Garden Beds

Enhance Soil Health with Organic Mulch

The enhancement of soil health that can result from using organic mulch in your landscaping is one of its main advantages. Red, and chocolate mulch, among our natural mulch options, can help keep the soil moist, which is crucial for plant growth. Mulch can also minimize soil erosion and assist control of soil temperature, both of which can help plants grow healthier. All of our colored mulches are organically and naturally dyed.

Retail Pricing

29.25 Premium Red organic (Double shredded) per yard

29.25 Premium Dark Chocolate organic (Double shredded) per yard

24.50 Premium Natural organic (Double shredded) per yard

29.25 Premium Black organic (Double shredded) per yard

Bulk pricing available. – contact us for details

First 5 miles – FREE delivery, anything after 15 2.50 per loaded mile.

Retail Pricing
Taking Your Business to the Next Level with Wisconsin Mulch Co.

Mulch for Landscaping Projects

Whether you are creating a new garden bed or re-landscaping your entire outdoor space, natural mulch can play a significant role in achieving your desired results. Our natural mulch options are perfect for creating defined borders, walkways, and paths, as well as filling in areas around plants and trees.

With Wisconsin Mulch Co., homeowners in Janesville, WI, can access high-quality natural mulch options to enhance the look and health of their outdoor space. Contact us today to learn more about our products and how they can benefit your landscaping projects.

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